How does evaluation mode of Karaoke CD+G Creator work

March 7th, 2013

The unregistered version of PowerKaraoke works in two modes — 14-day evaluation mode and Unregistered mode. If you choose to connect to PowerKaraoke server and start your 14-day evaluation, the software behaves exactly as the registered version with the exception that ‘Created by evaluation version’ is displayed every 10 seconds in the CD+G track you create. If you choose not to connect to our server or your trial period ends, the program still is functional only Save command is disabled and lyrics after the third page are replaced with PowerKaraoke.

How do I backup PKD files

March 6th, 2013

You need to back up PKD files, associated music tracks and image files if you have used “Link to file” mode (default). You may do the search from Windows (Start menu/Search) and find all the files with the extension PKD, then copy it into a new directory that you can burn on a CD.

Can I import MIDI into PowerKaraoke

March 4th, 2013

PowerKaraoke automaticaly reads synchronization information from MIDI files that include lyrics. If you have a melody track only, not lyrics, that it is not possible. However if you add a lyrics track to your MIDI file (I am not sure if Sonar allows this) you may import the synchronization information into PowerKaraoke.

How does converting from MIDI to WAV work

March 2nd, 2013

The KAR to CD+G convertion consists of two elements — MIDI track is recorded as a WAV file and then lyrics are imported. Second step of Import KAR wizard allows you to adjust your soundcard settings to connect MIDI output to WAV input of your soundcard. Unfortunately, this cannot be done automaticaly for some (mostly Soundblaster) cards. In such case you need to open Windows mixer, select Options/Properties and choose Recording. Now you need to select MIDI as an input.

How to burn CD+Gs with CDRWin

March 1st, 2013

First, the instructions on how to use CDRWin to burn CD+Gs: after you create a BIN file with PowerKaraoke you need to add it to CDRWin track list using Load Track button. Then you need to select CD+G option as a disk type on the top and add BIN files you have created. Now you may burn the disk.

If you have been doing everything as I have written above, there are several possibilities:

1. Your CD-R burner is not CD+G compatible. Please go to Goldenhawk’s homepage and check if it is on the CD+G-supporting burners list.

2. You write at too high speed and you CD+G player cannot read the disk. Try burning with a speed set to 1.

3. Do not use CD-RW media. CD+G players cannot read them.

If you have tried all of the above, please let me know what CD-R burner and CD+G player are you using.

Disc does not play on a karaoke machine

February 28th, 2013

PowerKaraoke produces tracks compatible with all CD+G players. However, there is a issue of the CD-Rs you are using to burn your tracks. Some CD+G players can be very picky and do strange things if you use low quality media. I would suggest you tried differend CD-R brand for burning your CD+Gs and burn them with lowest speed you are able to bear (1x is the best, but I know it is painful). From my experience I can tell that I have never had any problems with TKD-branded CD-Rs.

CD+G does not play with Power CD+G Player

February 28th, 2013

CDG files contain the graphical information only. To hear the associated soundtrack you need to provide the MP3 or WAV file with the same name as the CDG file you want to play. Maybe you decided to change the CDG file’s name? You may try creating BIN files, as they create both graphical information and soundtrack, so you will be sure they play correctly. Besides, only BIN files can be recorded onto the CD+G disks.

And about the KAR to WAV convertion. The whole process depends on the soundcard capabilities. You have not listed what soundcard are you using, which would help. PowerKaraoke tries to link the MIDI output to the WAV recording input of the soundcard. Sometimes the interface that is provided by the soundcard does not allow it to happen, and then you need to do it manually. Below are some information on how to achieve it.

Why cannot I convert MIDI to WAV

February 28th, 2013

As stated in online documentation, some of the soundcards (usually Soundblaster cards) do not allow software access to MIDI mixer settings and linking MIDI output to recording input. I suggest you use “Open mixer” button and then select Recording on Properties dialog box (Properties command in Options menu). Make sure to check all availables inputs to be displayed and then select the MIDI or ‘What you hear’ input. If you cannot decide, which input should be used, please write them down or make a screendump and send it over — we will try to figure it out.

How to convert KAR to CDG with PowerKaraoke

February 28th, 2013

Converting KAR to CD+G is very easy. You need to invoke ‘Import MIDI Karaoke Wizard’ from File menu, select the KAR file and then use the provided mixer controls to set up proper MIDI recording levels. After you are done with that step, PowerKaraoke will convert MIDI portion of KAR file into a WAV file and import lyrics and synchronization. Now you may use ‘Create CD+G File’ from Master menu to produce your CD+G song.

Problems with importing MIDI into Karaoke CD+G Creator

February 6th, 2013

Are you trying to import it from MIDI Karaoke, are you trying to create it from scratch? If this it the first case, your need to set the input and output settings of your soundcard. I assume you are using SoundBlaster card that does not follow the Windows Mixer specifications correctly and therefore volume slider and automatic setting is not possible in PowerKaraoke. You have to do the following: run MIDI Import Wizard in PowerKaraoke and when you reach the second dialog box (Render), open Windows mixer (double click on the speaker icon near the clock on the task bar), select Options/Properties and choose Recording. Now you need to select MIDI as an input. Then return to PowerKaraoke and proceed with the conversion.