CD+G does not play with Power CD+G Player

February 28th, 2013

CDG files contain the graphical information only. To hear the associated soundtrack you need to provide the MP3 or WAV file with the same name as the CDG file you want to play. Maybe you decided to change the CDG file’s name? You may try creating BIN files, as they create both graphical information and soundtrack, so you will be sure they play correctly. Besides, only BIN files can be recorded onto the CD+G disks.

And about the KAR to WAV convertion. The whole process depends on the soundcard capabilities. You have not listed what soundcard are you using, which would help. PowerKaraoke tries to link the MIDI output to the WAV recording input of the soundcard. Sometimes the interface that is provided by the soundcard does not allow it to happen, and then you need to do it manually. Below are some information on how to achieve it.

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