Why the CD+G I have burned does not work

February 5th, 2013

There are several issues that might affect the CD you have burned. Please see the questions below, maybe there is something you are missing in the settings of recording software.

1. Are you sure you have created BIN file, not CDG? CDG files are for software players only, as they do not contain the music.

2. What software are you using to burn your CD+Gs?

3. Have you checked CD+G option in your burning software?

4. What CD-R media are you using and what is the burning speed? Most CD+G players do not recognize CD-RW media, some are very picky when it comes to CD-Rs. We also recommend setting the lowest burning speed you can bear (1x is the best, but it takes veeery long to burn the CD).

5. What brands are your CD-R device and your CD+G player?

I am sure we will be able to solve your problem. BIN files created by PowerKaraoke have proved to work with all CD+G players available (even some that did not follow the specifications 100%), so I am sure you will be able to burn your CD+Gs without problems.

Cannot use soundtrack in Karaoke CD+G Creator

February 3rd, 2013

The error code you are referring to means you are using soundtrack that is not CD-format compatible (ie. is not 44kHz 17 bit stereo). I suggest you convert the soundtrack and then used Load Soundtrack again. Your synchronization data will not be lost.

There was a code that made it possible to use such files as soundtracks at all, but then we decided against it, so we will probably have to make the error message more user-friendly. But I hope this will solve your problem.